Thursday, 10 December 2009

Jørgen Vig Knudstorp #7: Åt den Jøb Centerr

The seventh installment of the JVK not-so-trilogy is finally here! "Finally" I hear you gasp, and I totally agree. Things went a little crazy after I did the sixth one, but I'm here now and I've done it. Praise me, or whatever.

So, here it is. You'd better enjoy it, it's been over six months in the making! Now Jørgen is in a proper storyline, he's lost his job after a very bad April Fool's Day prank and is now looking for the two top jobs in Denmark: CEO of Lego, and CEO of Mærsk.

So that's it for now: I hope you enjoyed that. Expect JVK #8 sometime soon (hopefully). I can't believe I actually said that: I never thought I'd get this one done.


ps. No offense meant to Nannan: I just needed someone recognisable to put in, and I had already comic'd up his picture, so to save time I used it.