Saturday, 27 December 2008

Jørgen's Helpdesk!

Hej there!

I'm here to introduce the newest feature of Jåm ....


Just ask Jørgen a question, any question, and he'll answer it! A new feature for Brickspace 2009, Jørgen's Helpdesk is sure to attract some visitors to both Brickspace and this site, Jåm. All you need to do is think up a question, any question, and send it to . Please note that Jørgen does not - and will never - have an email address for THIS site, ie . To keep this site closely linked in with Brickspace, it has been agreed that all emails on this site, that of Jørgen and the admin, John, will always be "". Questions will always be answered in the regular Jørgen fashion and an answer will be sent to the email which sent the question, and both question and answer will appear on this site, Jåm, and Brickspace. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and good luck!!

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